About Jaardu

Jaardu in hindi literally means ‘Magic’

The character of Jaardu is a colourfully dressed caricature of an imaginary Indian village magician, complete with head-wobble and exaggerated Indian accent. Andrew Elliott has created the character of Jaardu from both his Eastern and Western heritage. He is, by turns, cheeky and provocative, irreverent and flirtatious. Straddling both worlds, he is able to gently poke fun of Eastern and Western stereotypes, provoking humour and goodwill.


Over the last 28 years Andrew has maintained a very special relationship with a group of gypsy magicians in northern India known as Madari. They are a group of nameless performers who have travelled the country performing in village market places, festivals and tourist towns for hundreds of years.


Through his experiences living, performing and traveling with these performers Andrew has developed a very unique performance which encompasses magic, comedy and a very original snake charming routine. He now tours throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and South East Asia with this colorful, energetic show of intrigue, suspense, mystique and humor.





Regularly draws hundred-strong crowds to his shows.
– Northern territory News | Darwin, Australia

Jaardu has been a most reliable and responsible 
professional, taking his job seriously.
– Alec Yap | General Manager Event Link LTD

Several hundred enthusiastic spectators watched 
Andrew perform..
– The Windsor Star | Windsor, Canada

It’s truly a great show.

– The Entrance Town Centre Management Corporation

Three cheers for his talent and professionalism.

– Peter Duffy | The Chronicle Herald. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

In appreciation and recognition of your important 
contribution to the 1998 Comedy Festival.
– Karen Carotenuto | Producer Vancouver International Comedy Festival, Canada

Andrew is extremely talented and provides a wonderful interactive show of comedy and magic. He has been drawing huge crowds to his daily performance with the word quickly spreading amongst locals 
and visitors.
– The Entrance Town Centre Management Corporation

All my clients are very impressed with his performance here in Singapore.

– Theresa Koa | Lagoon Events & Entertainment.

Andrew is a consistent highlight in our Orientation 
Programs. His skills never fail to delight and amuse the students..
– Merlyn Hutchinson, Student Activities Manager La Trobe University. Also President, CAV (Campus Activities Victoria)

His performance never fails to receive unequivocal 
praise in all our organized events.
– Barbara Heng | Events Manager Pacific World

A Very Special Guest at this year’s Hoopla Circus 
and Street Theatre Festival at Darling Harbour.
– James Cockington | The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia

Andrew can charm the underbelly 
off snakes and is an accomplished comedian.
– S
imon Cameron | Warnambool Times Victoria, Australia.

Craftily combines sleight of hand with sleight 
of mouth
– Dom Ferry | Director Surfing The Coldstream Festival

Gives his best for every show.

– Waterloo Herald, Canada

An asset to the growing entertainment 
industry in Singapore.
– Kris Vimal | Managing Director Macgyver International Consultants

Andrew had me rooted to the spot, had to stay to the end.

– Nova Scotia Herald, Canada

He always manages to secure a substantial run of gigs, that indicates the timelessness of his act and the vigor with which he presents it. His skills never fail to delight and amuse the students to whom he performs and, vital to those of us who program high proportions of different acts, he is always punctual, courteous and 
easy to work with.
– La Trobe University Union

We have found Andrew to be extremely reliable and professional giving a quality performance every time and would highly 
recommend Jaardu The Magic Of India.
– The Entrance Town Centre Management Corporation